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North Highlands Bible Church, Dallas Texas

Jan 26, 2014

Rick Chitwood teaches from the second part of Luke chapter 3.

The people are so despeate for the Christ they were willing to recruit John for the job.  Rick outlines John's four fold argument for the superiority of God. John's message of hope was that someone far greater than him was coming.

Jan 19, 2014

Pastor Rick continues his series in Luke as we begin looking at Luke 3. Pastor Rick talks about 3 ways we can prepare for Jesus' second coming. We must Reorient our lives, straighten up our lives, and humble ourselves. He also talks on 3 steps to purify your heart.

Jan 12, 2014

Pastor Rick preaches about Jesus' visit to the temple as a child. He dives into the passages to see what life lessons we can learn from it.

Jan 5, 2014

Pastor Rick talks about the trouble our world faces and how our civilizaton is starting to crumble. He also talks about the hope that we can bring this world with the Light of God and the love of Jesus Christ. Pastor Rick also highlights the several different missionaries that are supported through the church. Pastor...