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North Highlands Bible Church, Dallas Texas

Apr 23, 2023

Riots in the streets, teens being shot for approaching the wrong house, and fentanyl killing over 150 people everyday. The hope of humanity is the return of Christ to set up His righteous Kingdom. So, we pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. Listen as we look at this all important prayer.

Apr 16, 2023

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name!”  Could this be the battle cry for the church in the 21st century?  We’ll look into this possibility Sunday morning.

Apr 9, 2023

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ let’s pause for a moment and remember why He died—that we might have life, with a new identity and a new future. Come and see what the Lord has done.

Apr 2, 2023

The Bible is so good! This weekend is both Palm Sunday and Communion Sunday at North Highlands and our text for Sunday, Psalm 118, is intimately linked to BOTH! Seriously, if this wasn’t already one of your favorite Psalms, it will be.