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North Highlands Bible Church, Dallas Texas

Jun 26, 2016

Jason Gupta shares with us how he and his family spread the Word of Christ and train leaders in Kiev. Their task of training leaders has been difficult with the conflict and changes in Ukraine, but they are teaching Ukrainians to be missionaries and reach the unreached. 

Jun 19, 2016

Rick continues in Luke chapter 11, looking at 7 characteristics of wicked leadership.

Jun 12, 2016

With great blessing comes great responsibility. With great blessing comes great culpability. What are we doing with the blessing of the truth of eternal life in Jesus Christ? How are we all to respond?

Jun 5, 2016

What would it look like if NHBC was a multi-racial church, where people from different cultures, languages, races and socioeconomic status gathered together in the name of Jesus, with peace  and unity to love and encourage each other through the power of the Holy Spirit? It is God's heartbeat for all believers to love...